Focus in meetings

In 2006 a new word was born : pizzled. What is pizzled and how it ended up in the urban dictionary?

Pizzled it is a combination between puzzled (surprised) and pissed(annoyed). Wait ..there is more : there are over 99.(9)% chances you’ve been pizzled so many times by now.

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Tools & Purposes

You want to start a successful project? Than make sure you have all secret ingredients for success: a super team & proper tools to work with.

For us the first ingredient was easy as we already are a super team, and modest of course 🙂

For the second one: “proper tools“, we hunted for a while and here is what we found. In 2015 Atlasssian was on top of Gartners’ Magic Quadrant leaders for Application Development Life Cycle Management back in 2015-2016.

Atlassian products offer the end-to-end solution for both developers and customers, so it was a win-win choice for us and our clients.

We are currently using the Atlassian Suite in our projects and here is WHY :

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