Focus in meetings

In 2006 a new word was born : pizzled. What is pizzled and how it ended up in the urban dictionary?

Pizzled it is a combination between puzzled (surprised) and pissed(annoyed). Wait ..there is more : there are over 99.(9)% chances you’ve been pizzled so many times by now.

This word expresses that feeling you experience when you are in the middle of a conversation with someone and all of a sudden that person takes out his/her phone and starts texting or checking the e-mails. In this situation people feel resentful and offended.

Loosing focus it’s so easy. In our days it has become an addiction to check our pocket device & see if it is blinking.

A financial director once said: “When I realise I let my mind fly during an important meeting, I wonder what opportunities I lost during that time”.

Back in 2005 the hosts of All Things D(igital) cut the Wi-Fi system?  This way they made sure that the audience was paying attention to what happens on the scene. This might seem a measure little to extreme for day to day work.

In Scrum it is the responsibility of the Scrum Master to moderate the meetings and keep focus on the meeting goal. How did we do it? Definitely we didn’t cut the Wi-Fi, nor forbid phones 🙂

Instead we defined a simple 3-rule Code of Conduct  that is known and respected by all stockholders: Scrum Master, Development Team and last but not least: the Product Owner.


Those 3 rules are common sense, but by putting them on the wall you remind people how simple is to show respect to each other.

The Scrum Master guards that “pizzled” feelings stay out of the Scrum world. This means that the Scrum Master is the person that constantly respects the rules. Nothing motivates people more than the power of example.

Looking forward to hear from you. what are your methods for keeping the team focused in meetings.

All the best and  enjoy Scrum!


Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence by Daniel Goleman 

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