Tools & Purposes

You want to start a successful project? Than make sure you have all secret ingredients for success: a super team & proper tools to work with.

For us the first ingredient was easy as we already are a super team, and modest of course 🙂

For the second one: “proper tools“, we hunted for a while and here is what we found. In 2015 Atlasssian was on top of Gartners’ Magic Quadrant leaders for Application Development Life Cycle Management back in 2015-2016.

Atlassian products offer the end-to-end solution for both developers and customers, so it was a win-win choice for us and our clients.

We are currently using the Atlassian Suite in our projects and here is WHY :

  • JIRA  – helps us keeping track of development and operational tasks
  • Confluence – is our library & collaboration playground. We keep here all the product documentation, solution design, how to articles, minutes of meeting and plenty more.
  • STASH | Bitbucket – the git solution that help us in handling pull requests, code comments, branch permissions.


  • Bamboo – handles build, test and deploy.
  • Hip Chat – team chat : it is persistent, searchable and loaded with goodies: video calling, screen sharing. The mobile app works great on mobile.
  • Sonar  assures code quality.

But instead of reading the information, simply watch this video :


Share your experience in the comments below. What are you using for covering

2016 April update: Gartner retired the Magic Quadrant for Application Development Life Cycle Management.  It was supposed to be published in the first week of April 2016, but instead they announced they retired it. I haven’t seen in the list any report that can substitute Application Development Life Cycle Management. It is a pity as a lot of the remarks and improvement suggested in the last year report were implemented by Atlassian & Microsoft (the top two) and I was looking forward to see the competition this year 🙂


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